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What will i learn?
  • In This Facebook Course, You Will Learn How to Reach Hundreds, Thousands or Millions of People on Facebook
  • And You'll Learn How to Use the Facebook Pixel and Retargeting in Your Ads. Retargeting Is One of the Most Efficient Digital Marketing Tools Used by Large Corporations Like Netflix, Amazon and Google
  • How to Monetize Them Selling Your Products, Services and Ideas to All Your Followers
  • You Will Learn all About Facebook Videos, a Single Strategy That Can Increase at Least Ten Times the Number of Views on Your Videos
  • You Will Learn all About Facebook for Local Business, the Most Powerful Way to Grow Your Local Business Using Facebook
  • You Will Learn How to Exponentially Increase the Number of Likes on Your Pages, Views on Your Videos, Names and Emails on Your Autoresponder Sequence and Inspiring Your Followers to Take Action and Buy Your Products or Services
  • and much, much more Facebook strategies!
  • Define Your Target Audience to Ensure That Your Ads Are Shown Only to People Who Are Interested in Your Products or Your Business and Avoiding Spending Money With Ads That Do Not Work
  • How to Create Super Optimized Facebook Pages and Groups for Your Business or Personal Use
  • You Will Learn all About Facebook Live, the Best Way to Engage Your Followers and Sell on Facebook
  • You Will Learn How to Create Powerful Video Landing Pages to Start Collection Your Followers

Curriculum for this course
21 Lessons 02:19:41 Hours
Facebook Introduction
1 Lessons 00:01:03 Hours
  • Facebook Preview 00:01:03
  • Why Facebook Pages are Important for your Business 00:01:11
  • Creating an Optimized Facebook Page for your Business 00:08:58
  • Adding Essential Information to your Facebook Page 00:10:40
  • Creating a Professional Facebook Cover Image 00:12:04
  • Getting your Facebook Page Username & URL 00:02:47
  • Defining Your Facebook Page Target Audience 00:06:50
  • Facebook Page Apps to Increase Fans Engagement 00:08:06
  • Top 9 Ways to Monetize your Facebook Page 00:12:00
  • Facebook Call To Action Button 00:09:30
  • Exploring Facebook Insights 00:12:20
  • Promoting your Facebook Page 00:10:34
  • Introduction to Facebook Ads 00:01:14
  • Introduction to the Facebook Ads Manager 00:05:55
  • Tips to get your Ad approved by Facebook 00:03:25
  • How Facebook Ads Can Help your Local Business to Grow 00:06:25
  • Creating your Local Business Facebook Ad 00:10:29
  • How to Optimize Your Audience Detailed Targeting on Facebook Ads 00:04:52
  • Test 00:00:00
  • Facebook account, and a basic understanding of how Facebook works.
  • No prior knowledge is required, this is a complete course that goes from the basics up to the advanced Facebook options.
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Facebook Marketing

Every Day, more than 1 BILLION people are active on Facebook. Spending hours and hours browsing on profiles, groups, and Facebook Pages. That is almost one-third of all people on the Internet.

Having your company and your brand on Facebook is the best way to reach millions of new potential customers that will be very interested in you, your products and your message. But that’s not enough, to succeed on Facebook you need to dominate some simple but critical tools that Facebook is already providing to you. 

How can you use Facebook to continually find new clients?

How can you reach thousand of people every day?

How do you create super optimized Facebook Pages Groups for your Business? And How can you Monetize the groups so that you can offer your products and services to your community?

How can you optimize your Facebook Ads skyrocket your results and save money?

What are the things you need to do and the things you need to avoid?

Not dominating your Facebook Marketing will cause you to lose money, loose potential Facebook followers and spending time with no result.

A good Facebook Marketing strategy will give you outstanding results, engaging your audience, exponentially increasing the number of Likes on your page, views on your videos, names and emails on your autoresponder sequence and inspiring your followers to take action and buy your products or services.

Welcome to the most complete and efficient Facebook Training in Udemy.

In this course, you will learn how to reach hundreds, thousands or millions of people on Facebook. 
We'll define your target audience to ensure that your Ads are shown only to people who are interested in your products or your business and avoiding spending money with Ads that do not work.

And you'll learn how to use the Facebook Pixel and Retargeting in your Ads. Retargeting is one of the most efficient digital marketing tools used by large corporations like Netflix, Amazon and Google.

You will also learn how to create super optimized Facebook Pages and Groups for your business or personal use, and how to monetize them selling your products, services and ideas to all your followers.

You will dominate Facebook Events, the best way to promote any event to your followers. 
Facebook Videos, a single strategy that can increase at least ten times the number of views on your videos. 
Facebook Live, the best way to engage your followers and sell on Facebook, 
and Facebook for Local Business, the most powerful way to grow your local business using Facebook.

And as a Bonus, I'll share with you the single strategy that is responsible for the success of all my Facebook Pages. And also, how to create powerful Instagram Ads.

Remember that is not enough just to watch all the videos and lectures, the real results come when you TAKE ACTION, that’s why in this course you will find 12 Student activities, one at the end of each module. Each activity was designed to help you apply all the strategies you learn in each module, so the amazing results you want are almost guaranteed!

I'm sure you'll love the course, and by the end you will have Facebook and Instagram, generating sales and bringing customers and followers to your business every day.

But if for any reason, you do not like the course, you can request a full refund in the first 30 days, no questions asked.

With all this guarantee you have nothing to lose, Enroll in the course now and let's start using all power of Facebook and Instagram to generate more sales, attract more followers and exponentially grow your online presence right now!

Who this course is for:
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs that want to grow in Facebook
  • This Course Is for Anyone That Wants to DOMINATE Facebook Marketing and Instagram Ads
  • If Your are Trying to Create a Presence on Facebook but Your Current Strategies Are Not Working, This Course is for You!
  • If You Have an Online Business, or Local Business This Facebook Course Is for You!
  • If You Want to Create a Community of Raving Fans, This Facebook Course Is for You!
  • If you are asking yourself: How can I use Facebook to always find new clients? How can I reach thousand of people every day? How do I create super optimized Facebook Pages Groups for my Business? And How can I Monetize the groups so that I can offer your products and services to my community? How can I optimize my Facebook Ads skyrocket my results and save money? This Facebook course is for you!
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